Installing Granite in Richmond Hill

Installing Granite in Richmond Hill
Many interior designers recommend installing granite countertops in kitchen and bathrooms for many reasons, including the natural beauty of the stone and its reliable durability. Richmond Hill homeowners are fortunate to have access to some of Ontario's finest stone importers and distributors, which makes installing granite simple and enjoyable. Partnering with a reputable stone specialist helps to ensure that your countertops will enhance both the beauty and the value of your home for decades to come.
Granite Slab vs. Granite Tile
There are many things to consider when you are contemplating installing a granite countertop. One of the most relevant is cost. As you research stone countertops, you'll see that installing granite tiles is far less expensive than installing a slab granite countertop. Both tiles and slab granite are excellent choices, but you may want to opt for slab granite if possible. Reasons for this include:
  • Appearance. Both slab and tile countertops are very attractive. However, slab granite allows the full beauty of the stone to shine through. The complete pattern of the stone will be on display, along with the full depth of colour. A slab countertop often becomes the focus of a room, creating a dramatic and elegant effect. If your décor is contemporary, the clean lines of granite slab are more effective than tile.
  • Added Value. Although slab granite costs approximately four times what tiles do, a slab countertop adds much more value to the resale price of your home.
  • Durability. Stone is an extremely durable substance. However, granite tiles are often thinner than granite slab, and the additional joints with tiles make slab the more durable of the two.
  • Cleaning. Cleaning stone is simple. However, with fewer joints and less grout, granite slab is easier to clean than tiles are.
  • Surface. Slab provides you with a smoother surface, meaning that any task can be done on the countertop, from rolling out pastry dough to finishing homework.
Selecting Granite
The best way to select granite is to visit the warehouse or showroom of a stone importer-distributor and choose the actual slabs that will go into your home. You can get a rough idea of what a particular stone looks like by viewing photos, but you will only truly see the stone's elegance in person. Be sure to only deal with companies that carry a wide variety of stone and allow you to visit their warehouse.
One tip is to choose your granite slab first and use it as the centerpiece of your room, choosing all other elements to complement it. If you already have other elements in place, bring samples from the room with you to the warehouse. This might include a cabinet door, paint chips, flooring wood, and more. Seeing the granite alongside these other elements will give you a much better sense of how the slab will fit into your overall design.
You will be amazed by the variety of granite on display. This beautiful stone comes in hundreds of different colours and patterns, ensuring that you'll be able to find just the right granite slab for your home.
Visit a stone importer-distributor today, and explore the beauty of granite!